Here are a few apps that have been developed using Cricket Audio.

Did you use Cricket Audio to release an app that isn't listed here? Let us know!

App Developer Platforms
DimSong VenLabs, LLC iOS
Tiny Stack PenguinBit iOS
The Football Playbook Super Rock Games iOS/Windows
BrainHQ Posit Science iOS
Bowling Fever Envol Studios iOS/Android
Table Tennis Fever Envol Studios iOS/Android
VLAD: Heavy Strike Frantic Software iOS/Android/WP8
Drum Coach 1 Drum Coach iOS/Android
Drum Coach 2 Drum Coach iOS/Android
Drum Coach 3 Drum Coach iOS/Android
Drum Coach 4 Drum Coach iOS/Android
Panda: The Curious Cat Danilo Delponte iOS/Android
Idol Words Outplay Entertainment iOS/Android
Project Y Luminence Labs Android
Kingdoms Defender AbanCORE-Games Android
Sorcery! inkle iOS/Android
Pigs Run! PenguinBit iOS
Shoumetsu-toshi (消滅都市) Wright Flyer Studios iOS/Android
Olio Super Rock Games iOS
Alien Creeps TD Outplay Entertainment iOS/Android
Blue Up! Ian Copland Android
Mystery Match Outplay Entertainment iOS/Android
Tiny Car Super Rock Games iOS
Tsunami Slots Peter Ward iOS
LINE TOWER RISING (LINE タワーライジング) Wright Flyer Studios iOS/Android
Unison League Ateam Inc. iOS/Android
Welcome to the Resort Donuts Co. Ltd. iOS
Perfect Pitch bbaddo Android
Prhythmic – Rhythm RPG GaLboa iOS/Android
Three Kingdoms Smash Ateam Inc. iOS/Android
Drops x Colors x Freeze ~Touch~ Nana Hana Studio Android
Robot and Battery N. Ohtsuki Android
Mega Ship Wars Spear Soft Android
Owaranai-yugureni-kietakimi (終わらない夕暮れに消えた君) SYUPRO-DX iOS/Android
Another Eden (アナザーエデン) Wright Flyer Studios iOS/Android
Fire Emblem: Heroes Intelligent Systems iOS/Android
BabySchool Zebroid Games Android
Chain BeeT (本格音ゲー) TEAM FROG Android
Rally Fury Refuel Games iOS/Android
Rhythmsia Bitter Sweet Entertainment iOS/Android
妖怪大合戦 MX iOS/Android
Hataruku UFO (はたらくUFO) HAL Laboratory iOS/Android
Doushite-yusyasama-ha-sonnani-yowainodesuka? (どうして勇者様はそんなに弱いのですか?) SYUPRO-DX iOS/Android
なめこ栽培キット ザ・ワールド BEEWORKS GAMES iOS/Android
妖シ幻想郷 Lifemaker Inc iOS/Android
DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE (ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか~メモリア・フレーゼ~) Wright Flyer Studios iOS/Android
Necro Mutex Jared Prince Windows
Elevator Simulator Lift EM ALL EM ALL Studio iOS/Android
Microbian Victor Garcia iOS