Now with Windows Phone 8 support!

We’re excited to announce that as of version 1.2, Cricket Audio now supports Windows Phone 8!

If you’re writing native code for WP8, you can use the cross-platform C++ interface, just like you do on iOS and Android. There’s also a .NET interface to Cricket Audio, so you can use C# or VB.NET if you’re writing managed code.

A few other changes in this release:

  • Added CkGetClipFlag() and CkResetClipFlag() functions, for detecting when the final audio values have clipped.
  • Added the ability to build the Android version for x86 and MIPS to the source distribution.  These are not yet officially supported and are not included in the binary distribution, so if you’re targeting those architectures, contact us for additional information.
  • 3D sounds which are far enough from the listener to become inaudible will now become “virtual” and will not be processed until they become audible again; this can greatly reduce CPU usage.

The 1.2 release is available now from the downloads page.

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6 Responses to Now with Windows Phone 8 support!

  1. Javier says:

    Great!!!! Will the .Net library work on Xamarin for Android & iOS? There is NO audio cross-platform for Xamarin, and will be really great!!!!
    Good job!!

  2. steve says:

    Hi Javier, I don’t think the .NET interface will work with Xamarin on other platforms (it is linked to the WP8 library)… sorry!

  3. Javier says:

    Any plans to port to Xamarin?

  4. steve says:

    No definite plans yet, but I am considering it 🙂

  5. Chris Cook says:

    Oh my; if that port were to happen it would definitely be one of the highlights of my year! Anyways, keep up the good work mate!

  6. svik72 says:

    +1 for Xamarin port! It would be great…

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