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Cricket 0.1 preview now available!

A preview release of the Cricket audio engine is now available for download… for free! Currently works on Android, iOS, and Mac OS X (Windows support is coming soon). The authoring tools work on both Mac OS X and Windows. … Continue reading

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Hiding implementation in C++

Let’s say you’re designing a C++ API.  You have some class like this, which is part of your interface : #include “MyData.h” class Sound { public: Sound(); ~Sound(); void play(); private: MyData m_data; }; Since the class MyData is a … Continue reading

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MultiChannelMixer Audio Unit on Mac OS

I’m using the Audio Unit API in Core Audio to play sound on iOS.  Since there is a similar API on OS X, it’s been mostly trivial to port the iOS audio code to OS X; for the most part, … Continue reading

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C++ development on iOS and Android

The basic interface for the Cricket engine is C++, as is most of the implementation.  Objective-C is the primary development language on iOS, and Java is the preferred language on Android, but both platforms support C++ also; C++ code can … Continue reading

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Hello, blogosphere!

Testing, testing, testing.  (tap tap tap.) Is this thing on? Welcome to the official Cricket Technologies blog.  I’ll be posting here periodically with news and updates about development on the Cricket audio engine, a cross-platform audio engine for iOS and … Continue reading

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